11/12 November/December 2017 VOLUME NO. 25 E n g l i s h / G e r m a n Feedyour skin asyou feedyour body by following the traditional multicolored diet. Createyour beauty routine with a selection of food-based botanical extracts from Active Organics ® inspired by nature range specially -- chosen to n ourish the skin. Ali trademarks owned byThe Lubrizol C rporation or its affiliates. © 2017The Lubrizol Corporation. -.;:_- -- � -:::-=- -- l1potec - A Lubrizol Compa n y COVER STORY LIPOTEC’S TUTTI FOODIE CONCEPT INTERVIEW Yohanna Sander SYMRISE New way of thinking about formulations ROSACEA What can help to alleviate? ORAL CARE CHINESE MARKET – Guideance to success – HALAL COSMETICS