For a long time, the part of the spectrum that caused most concern for skin problems was invisible UV radiation. Nobody worried about visible light. But recently, scientists have found that the high-energy, blue end of the visible spectrum is just as dangerous as the UV sector. Computer, smartphone and TV screens are among the sources that bombard us with blue light. And this has created an urgent demand for protective products. Fortunately, Indena was already in place with the solution. For Vitachelox ® , a unique combination of grape seed, green tea and oak wood extracts with powerful skin protection action, was found in tests to be highly effective also against the insidious damage that blue light causes to cell proteins. So don’t let blue light get under your customers’ skin. Protect them with Vitachelox ® . This advertisement is published in a magazine distributed in various countries all over the world and so may contain statements not applicable to your country. Marketers of finished products containing Vitachelox ® are responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of countries where the finished product will be sold. Vitachelox. Don’t let blue light get under your skin. ®